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Porcupine Plain and Tisdale Lenten Zoom Youth Retreat


On Saturday, February 27th, 2021 we held on-line (zoom) Lenten retreats for the youth of our parishes in Tisdale and Porcupine Plain. In the morning we had the older youth Gr.  7-12 and in the afternoon Gr 3-6.


To paraphrase Youth Leader: Lisa Henry


“We have been struggling to keep the youth involved in our church activities right now. Any time I’ve tried to have them do a project, I’ve had zero kids participate! It’s been a real struggle for us! When we decided to try a Zoom retreat, I started by praying for the youth and their families. Then we messaged all the parents to invite their kids. We ended up with a total of 24 youth! We were prepared to still go ahead with the retreat with just a handful of youth!

I would like to encourage you to also take advantage of these zoom retreats! It was such a blessing for our youth! They LOVED the games and the overall retreat! “

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"Join the Journey (In-Person) Retreats"


“On Saturday, March 6,2021 the Leoville youth group was blessed to have an in-person "Join the Journey" Lenten retreat with Dave and Brian. What a wonderful opportunity it was for our youth to finally be able to participate in an in-person retreat. It was an afternoon filled with music, spiritual talks, social distancing activities, games, and beautiful prayer time. There were 22 youth that attended the retreat, and every one of them thoroughly enjoyed their day!


Thanks Dave and Brian for all you do for our youth -

creating an event like this where the youth can learn and grow in faith in a fun, yet spiritual atmosphere.”


“Our staff and students were very happy with the time that you provided to each of them for a retreat on March 18, 2021. Our staff said that it wasn't the same as an in-person event (of course) but that you did a wonderful job planning a virtual retreat that kept the students engaged and participating. Thank you very much for all your planning and hard work to provide us with this opportunity during such a unique and difficult year. Hopefully, we will be able to go back to hosting in-person events in the next year or so.”


Ginelle Olson

Principal, Rivier Elementary School 


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Our staff and students consistently look forward to having Mr. David McQuaid and Mr. Brian Bauche join our EMBM school community to provide our faith retreats. Their thoroughness in the planning phase, the communication up front, the planning of the schedule and activities, and preparation for classroom extension is excellent.

David and Brian have a real knack for reaching students through their humour, songs, interaction and activities. All of this, coupled with their backgrounds as educators and youth minsters, as well as their deep faith, makes for a wonderful student faith experience.

-- Theo J. Masich, Principal


St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church – Wakaw

We, at St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church in Wakaw, Sk. Have had the privilege of having Brian and Dave work with us and entertain us on several different occasions. They are uplifting, enthusiastic, organized and talented. Brian and Dave have come and shared their talent with us at several of our annual pilgrimages, Sunday masses and our Fall Supper. This has positively impacted our parish community.

They have also worked with youth in our deanery. Their prior occupations as teachers and principal, kept children and teens of wide range of ages, entertained and engaged in teachable games and learning. Their musical talent is definitely a gift in itself. They kept their attention for 2-3 hours and the participants left with Jesus in their hearts.

I would highly recommend these two energetic musicians and teachers. They have vey positive natures and work in a very professional manner. They are inspirational to all ages.

Linda Kindrachuk, Chairperson

St. Theresa Parish Council

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