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“Synodality is the way of
being the Church today
according to the will of God in a dynamic of discerning and listening together to the voice of the Holy Spirit.”

Pope Francis

Oct. 9-10, 2021: Opening of the Synodal Process in Rome.

                 Pope Francis inaugurates the Synod during a solemn Mass.

Oct 30/21 - DPC focuses on the Synod, Bishop Hero gives keynote

                   explaining the Synod (see video in righthand column)

Nov 8/21 - Diocesan Opening Mass for Synod 2021-2023 (see video

                  in righthand column) 

Jan 1 - Mar 31/22 - Diocesan/Parish Listening & Consultations

Jan 19/22 - Facilitator Training Session register here

Jan 26/22 - ONLINE forum topic Christian Unity (Ecumenism)

                    register here

Feb 9/22 - ONLINE forum topic Main Synod Questions (Belonging,

                   listening, speaking out) register here

Feb 23/22 - ONLINE forum topic Celebration (The Mass, Prayer &

                    devotions (rosary, pilgrimage, etc.) register here

Mar 9/22 - ONLINE forum topic Main Synod Questions (Belonging,

                   listening, speaking out) register here

Mar 16/22 - ONLINE forum topic Main Synod Question (Belonging,

                   listening, speaking out) register here

Mar 23/22 - ONLINE forum topic Missionary Disciples (Sharing

                     responsibility for our common mission) register here

Mar 31/22 - End Diocesan/Parish Listening & Consultations

Apr 29/22 - Large Parish/Pastoral Zone Synthesis Due - fill online

Jun 4/22 - Diocesan event to share and discuss the draft Diocesan Synthesis, to celebrate the process and consider next steps. This event will occur at St. Joseph Parish in Prince Albert. More information available as planning unfolds.

Jun 17/22 - Final draft of Diocesan Synthesis sent to Western

                   Canadian Bishops

Diocesan Synod Wrap-Up Facebook Cover 1.png

Facilitator Training Video

What is a Synod?

Diocesan Opening Mass for the Synod Nov 8/21

Bishop Hero Explains the Synod Oct 30/21

Interested in giving your input but don't want to join a parish or online gathering. Here are a few other options...

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YOUTH survey online

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YOUNG ADULT survey online

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Scan the QR-Code or

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ADULT survey online

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Synod Committee at or call the Diocesan office.