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An Employment Opportunity with the

Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert


The Diocese is currently accepting applications for the position of Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministry. The position is full-time (35 hrs/ week).

Applicants must have good English speaking and writing skills, a knowledge of the French language would be an asset. Applicants must be faith filled, be fully initiated in the Roman Catholic Church, have good public relation skills, be self-motivated, be able to work independently, be able to organize, be able to work with and within a financial and time management budget. Also, must have a good understanding of the mission of the Universal Church, as well as the mission of the Bishop of Prince Albert and the diocese.

 The successful applicant must also adhere to the Diocese’s Responsible Ministry policy.

 Some of the general responsibilities include:

1) Providing vision, planning, and implementation of programming for the efforts of the diocese of Prince Albert in ministering to youth/young adults. 

2) Helping every parish in the diocese have a vibrant youth/young adult ministry. 

3) Being a focal point of reference and information for youth/young adult leadership and youth/young adult ministry for existing and new parish youth/young adult leaders


Further information can be obtained by contacting Louis Hradecki at 306-922-4747 ext. 233 or by emailing:  officeprogramsmgr@padiocese.ca     


 A full job description is posted on the Prince Albert Diocese website under employment opportunities at  https://www.padiocese.ca/employment-opportunities


Please send a resume to Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert, c/o Louis Hradecki, Office/Programs Manager, 1415 4th Street West, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 5H1. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. All applications will be treated with confidentiality.


Deadline for applications June 17, 2022

Youth/Young Adult Minister Job for the Diocese of Prince Albert


  • Very good administrative, organizational, management, and leadership skills

  • Works well with others – young and old

  • Honest; Dependable; Responsible

  • Outgoing, Approachable

  • Compassionate

  • Faith filled

  • Good understanding of the teachings of the Catholic church.

  • Person of strong interpersonal skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Person of faith who attends and participates in their local Catholic Church (include letter of recommendation)

  • Willing to work flexible hours

  • Willing to learn

  • Experience in Youth/Young Adult Ministry



  • Ability to work independently

  • Ability to engage and connect with youth/young adults, as well as parents, clergy, and others   

  • Ability to facilitate online meetings

  • Ability to develop and deliver workshops assisting youth/young adult leaders to be effective in their communities (in person or online)

  • Ability to work closely with the Youth/Young Adult Commission

  • Ability to seek ways to involve the entire family

  • Ability to seek ways to include and seek participation of Indigenous peoples                             

  • Ability to offer formative training for youth/young adult ministry and retreats for people involved in ministry

  • Ability to plan and organize youth/young adult ministry events at the deanery and diocesan level     

  • Ability to work with technology; for example, Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Ability to play a musical instrument i.e., guitar would be an asset



  • Maintain close communications with youth/young adult contacts and youth/young adult leaders within the diocese through visitations, telephone calls, email, etc.

  • Attend youth/young adult functions as much as possible within the timeframe agreed upon, to maintain relationships and seek new ones.

  • Maintain an up-to-date database of youth/young adult ministry contacts.

  • Maintain contact with the Clergy throughout the year keeping them informed of Youth/Young Adult ministry events and opportunities. Attend at least one Deanery meeting per year {for each of the deaneries, preferably at the beginning of each year, (Sept., Oct.) to provide a report on the plan for the year ahead and receive feedback and suggestions.

  • Be available to parishes and deaneries as a consultant, facilitator, animator, and resource person in all aspects of youth/young adult ministry.

  • Be available to parishes to promote youth/ young adult evangelization when possible.

  • Develop and maintain a 3-year plan as a living document for presentation online or in person to the Bishop and Office & Programs Manager.

  • Provide an Annual Final Report to the Office & Programs Manager and the Bishop. Provide reports to the Office & Programs Manager as asked, or needed, by either party.

  • Prepare and monitor the Annual Budget for youth/young adult ministry in conjunction with the Diocesan Finance Manager/Diocesan Office & Programs Manager.

  • Maintain youth section in the Youth/Young Adult Ministry webpage & social media including the ‘ELEVATE’ Facebook page and if unable, then advise pastoral staff (responsible for social media) of events that should be posted on social media and the website.

  • Supplement parish ministry by organizing Diocesan-wide events such as the Altar Server Appreciation Day, World Youth Day @ Home, presentations at Diocesan Pastoral Council, Extended Deanery Meetings, etc., working in conjunction with the Youth/Young Adult Commission and the Pastoral Centre staff (when required).

  • Schedule ongoing Commission meetings (4 per year) to work in conjunction with, and  to listen to, engage and assign duties as required throughout the year. (The Commission aids in the overall visioning process and in the setting of annual priorities).

  • Be an active member of Western Canadian Association of Youth Ministers (WCACYM) and Canadian Catholic Youth Ministry Network (CCYMN).

  • Keep up to date with current trends in Youth/Young Adult Ministry needs.

  • Attend Professional Development events on an annual basis.

  • Assist with the planning of the pilgrimage to World Youth Day. Planning for World Youth Day at Home. Helping to prepare pilgrims that are staying at home or going to World Youth Day.

  • Attend meetings in person with the Bishop and other applicable diocesan staff at the Pastoral Centre for communication and progress reports.

  • The successful applicant must also adhere to the Diocese’s Responsible Ministry policy.

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