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Employment Opportunities

Now hiring FULL TIME PERMANENT PRINCIPAL POSITION at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary in Yukon

DEADLINE to apply: MARCH 19, 2023 (11:30pm YDT)

The Catholic Diocese of Whitehorse has two Catholic churches and three public Catholic schools (Two K to Gr. 7 and one Gr. 8 to 12) in Whitehorse. The diocese has twenty-one other parishes and missions spread throughout an area of 723,515 km² in Yukon and Northern BC., serving several Indigenous communities and a rich and diverse population.

Whitehorse is a modern ‘wilderness’ city with all amenities and services, a multi-cultural Catholic community, a vibrant arts scene, and plenty of outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities for individuals and families. The city hosts an international airport and is within driving distance of the coast of Alaska.

The Yukon is a vast territory showcasing God’s beautiful creation of mountains peaks and passes, rivers and lakes. This is a unique opportunity to serve your Church while discovering a new part of Canada.

Visit (use Yukon filter)
to view and apply on job postings

Information on how to apply is on the Yukon Government website: administrator-job#apply-for-a-job

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