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Diocesan Pastoral Council Executive

Most Reverend Stephen Hero, Bishop

Very Reverend Maurice Fiolleau, Moderator

Deacon Paul Joy, Secretary

Deanery 1

Reverend Jim Kaptein, Dean

St. Joseph, Prince Albert

764-4942 Ph. 764-4413 Fx.

Deacon Paul and Nicole Joy, Representatives

960-4589 C.

Deanery 4

Reverend Ramel Macapala, Dean

Scared Heart, Spiritwood

883-2243 Ph.  883-3005 Fx.

Lorraine Joanette, Representative

497-3363 Ph. 466-6508 C.

Deanery 2

Reverend George Canto, Dean

Our Lady of Consolation, Melfort

752-5518 Ph. 752-5520 Fx.

Kathy Bedard, Representative


Deanery 5

Reverend  Sebastian Kunnath, Dean

St. Vital, Battleford

937-7340 Ph.  937-3235 Fax.

John & Jeanette Gorski, Representatives

441-0097 C.   892-4312 Ph.

Deanery 3

Reverend Matthew Nguyen, Dean

Shrine of St. Theresa, Wakaw

233-4230 Ph.  233-5791 Fx.

Denis and Rachelle Poirier, Representatives

467-2047 Ph.

Deanery 6

Reverend Peter Paase, MSP , Dean

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

St. Walburg

248-3236 Ph.  248-3982 Fx.

Deacon Bill Thibeault, Representative


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