Planning the Wedding
  1. Visit the pastor of the parish in which you are presently living or to which you belong at least six months prior to your intended date of marriage.

  2. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert has Marriage Preparation Courses. To attend one, please inquire to your pastor or your parish. Bring the letter of certification of an initial interview to your pastor in order to fill up and sign. Email the letter to Tina Elliott (for Prince Albert and Area) or Rev. Fr. Greg Elder (Battleford and Area) For more information, please call Tina Elliott (306) 922-4747 ext. 226.

  3. Allow three to six months for processing the legal forms required for marriage in the Roman Catholic Church.

  4. Dispensation from the Chancery Office in Prince Albert is required for a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic. Your pastor or the delegated person in the parish will go through these forms with you.

  5. Couples wishing to marry in Saskatchewan must provide a Saskatchewan marriage license to the officiating clergy or marriage commissioner. Marriage licenses can be obtained at most jewelers.

  6. Music should be selected with the help of your parish music ministry preferably two months prior to the wedding. All music must follow the guidelines set by the Diocese of Prince Albert. Choose from the hymnal currently used in the parish.

  7. Selecting the readings and contacting lectors should be done preferably two months prior to the wedding. Lists of suitable readings are found at the back of "Marriage in Christ." (p. 9)

Wedding Location

The proper and usual place for celebrating marriages is a church or chapel. Weddings held outdoors are not allowed. Marriage is a celebration of faith and so is to be celebrated in a place where the Christian community normally gathers to celebrate its faith. (p. 10)

Mixed Marriages

The Catholic Church recognizes that marriages of non-Catholics are valid. A non-Catholic person cannot re-marry in the Catholic Church without obtaining an annulment. (p. 10)



Planning the Liturgy

All liturgical celebrations, regardless of the occasion or those present, are worship, the prayer of the entire church. The wedding liturgy is never to be seen as simply an event or a "show for the bride and groom", with family and   friends attending as if they were an audience.

The better prepared you are, the less stressful things will be as you get closer to the celebration. Do not wait until the last minute! (p. 10)

The church community prays that both the preparation and celebration of your wedding will bring you closer to each other and to God, and that it will enrich your life and the lives of those who share your joy.

(p. 10) (from Cotter and Haas, pp. 4-5)

When choosing liturgical ministers (readers, etc.) please choose them on the basis of gifts people have so that each minister can truly help the community in this particular time of worship. For example, when you choose a lector, ask   someone who reads regularly in his/her parish. Also, in selecting who will be the musicians/singer for your wedding, consider asking someone who is a music minister in a parish. (p. 11)

Guidelines for the Wedding Liturgy


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