Diocesan and Religious Priest

Rev. Madonna-Godwin Aghedo, OP


P.O. Box 37

Hafford, SK S0J 1A0

Email: madogoddyop@yahoo.com

Phone Number - 306-549.2443 

Ste. Solange - Hafford

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

St. Joseph - Marcelin

All Saints - Mayfair

Rev. Frederick Akah, MSP

Address: P.O. 239
Paradise Hill, SK  S0M 2G0

Email: akafredmsp@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 306-344-2033

Pastor of Parish(es):

Our Lady of Sorrows - Paradise Hill

Holy Spirit - Maidstone

Holy Rosary - Onion Lake First Nation

St. James - Thunderchild First Nation

Special Note(s):

Indigenous Circle, Director

Lloydminster Prayer Group

Rev. Kendrick Beler

Address: P.O. Box 1150
Nipawin, SK S0E 1E0

Email: kendrickbeler@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-862-4373

Fax: 306-862-5466

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Eugene - Nipawin

St. Mary - Choiceland - (Financial Council Member

Cumberland House - (Monthly Basis)

Rev. Janusz Bizewski

Address: P.O. Box 638
Hudson Bay,SK S0E 0Y0

Email: stdominic@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-865-2449

Fax: 306-865-3398

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Dominic - Hudson Bay

St. Peter - Mistatim

Rev. George Canto

Address: P.O. Box 3009
Melfort,SK S0E 1A0

Email: canto_george@yahoo.ca

Phone Number: 306-752-5518

Fax: 306-752-5520

Pastor of Parish(es):

Our Lady of Consolation - Melfort

Rev. Paul DeGuzman

On leave

Rev. Alberto Dela Pena

Address: P.O. Box 148
Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0

Email: rcparish.tisdale@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-873-2825

Fax: 306-873-5988

Pastor of Parish(es):

Immaculate Conception - Tisdale

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary -Porcupine Plain


Member of Senate (2020-2023)

College of Consultors (2021)

Rev. Dong Doan

Address: P.O. Box 10

Goodsoil, SK  S0M 1A0

Email: josdong70@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 306-238-2006

Fax: 306-238-2076

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Boniface - Goodsoil

Sacred Heart - Loon Lake

Loon Lake First Nation

St. Antoninus - Pierceland


Co-Spiritual Advisor of the Diocesan CWL

Rev. Michael Fahlman - Chancellor

Address: 1367 Musk Rd.

Prince Albert, SK  S6V 6P9

Email: chancellor@padiocese.ca

Phone Number: 306-922-4747 ext. 254

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Mary - Christopher Lake

St. Joseph - Elkridge/Waskesiu (Summer)

Special Note(s):

Canadian Canon Law Society, President Consultor 

Diocesan Defender of the Bond


Chancellor 2020-Present

Member of College of Consultors (2017-Present)

Member of Bishop's Senate (2017-Present)

Rev. Javier De Los Angeles Cortazar
Santiago Neuvo Leon, Mexico: Col. El Barrial

Rev. Phinh Do

Address: 1942-98 St. 
North Battleford,SK S9A 0N4

Email: phinhdo@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-446-1695

Fax: 306-445-8862

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Joseph Calasanctius - North Battleford

St. Charles Borromeo - Moosomin First Nation (Temporary)

Special Note(s):

Chaplain of Holy Family School

River Heights Lodge

Rev. Tuan Doan

Address: P.O. Box 488
Shellbrook, SK S0J 2G0

Email: ty.qdoan@yahoo.ca

Office: 306-747-2681

Phone Number: 306-213-7166

Fax: 306-747-2793

Pastor of Parish(es): 

St. Agatha - Shellbrook

St. Henry - Leask

Notre Dame des Pauvres - Mistawasis First          Nation


Rev. Greg Elder

Email: gregelder2003@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-386-2033

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Rose de Lima - Cochin (Temporary)

Holy Cross - Glaslyn (Temporary)

Special Note(s):

Full-Time Chaplain (Light of Christ Catholic School Division)

John Paul II Collegiate

Coordinator Marriage Preparation of Battleford & Area

St. Thomas More College Corporation

Permanent Diaconate Program 2020-Present


Rev. Nick Ferreras


Chaplain, Victoria Hospital and Pineview Terrance, with Monthly Mass.

Spiritual Advisor to the Filipino Community in Prince Albert and Area

Rev. Maurice Fiolleau -

Vicar General

Address: 1415 - 4th Ave West
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5H1

Email: vicargeneral@padiocese.ca

Phone Number: 306-922-4747 Ext.224

Fax: 306-922-4754

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Michael - Prince Albert

Address: 1505-13th Street West

Prince Albert, SK S6V 3J7

Phone Number: 306-763-5658

Fax: 306-763-6665

Special Notes(s):

Sisters of the Presentation of Mary Chaplain -

Prince Albert

Co-Spiritual Advisor of the Diocesan CWL


Vicar General (2010 - Present)

College of Consultor (2008 - Present)

Member of Bishop's Senate (2008 - Present)

Rev. Doug Jeffrey, OMI

Address: 504-3rd Ave. East

Meadow Lake, SK  S9X 1H5

Email: olpmlpastor@sasktel.net

or 19doug74@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-236-5122

Pastor of Parish(es): 

Our Lady of Peace - Meadow Lake

St. Jude - Green Lake

Our Lady of the Smile - Waterhen Lake First Nation

Rev. Jim Kaptein

Address: 260-25 St. East
Prince Albert, SK S6V 1S7

Email: frkaptein@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-764-4942

Fax: 306-764-4413

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Joseph - Prince Albert

Special Note(s):

Ecole Holy Cross School

St. Francis School

St. Catherine School

Points West Living

Mont St. Joseph Care Home Board

Moderator to the Bishops Senate and Deanery 1


Dean - Deanery 1 (Sept. 2021-2024)

Member of Bishop's Senate - Moderator

Rev. Sebastian Kunnath

Address:Box 58
Battleford,SK S0M 0E0

Email: sabukunnath@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-937-7340

Fax: 306-937-3235

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Vital - Battleford

St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle - Delmas

Special Note(s):

St. Vital Chatholic School

Battleford District Care Centre


Dean - Deanery 5 (Sept. 2020-Present)

Member of Bishop's Senate 

Member of College of Consultors 

Rev. Tai Le

Address: 1401 4th Ave. W
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Prince Albert SK S6V 5H1

Email: taile0507@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-763-2319

Fax: 306-763-8444

Pastor of Parish(es):

Sacred Heart Cathedral - Prince Albert

Associate Pastor

Rev. Tru Le

Address: P.O. Box 370
St. Brieux, St. Brieux,SK S0K 3V0

Email: congtru2000@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 306-275-2043

Fax: 306-275-4477

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Brieux - St. Brieux

Mary, Mother of God - Kinistino

Rev. Cuong Luong

Diocese of Calgary

Email: cuongquangluong@yahoo.com

Rev. Ramel Macapala

Address: P.O. Box 901

Spiritwood,SK S0J 2M0

Email: ramelaqua@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 306-883-2243

Fax: 306-883-3005

Pastor of Parish(es):

Sacred Heart - Spiritwood

Our Lady of the Lake - Chitek Lake

(Summer Only)

Ste. Thérèse de l'Enfant - Leoville

St. Rita - Medstead

Our Lady of Smiles - Shell Lake

(Summer Only)

Special Note(s):

Rivier Elementary Academy (Spiritwood)

Diocesan Rep. to the Canadian Federation of Presbyteral Council

Co-Spiritual Advisor of the Filipino

Community in Battleford and Area

Rev. Gerard Legaspi


Address: P.O. Box 70

Zenon Park, SK  S0E 1W0

Phone: 306-767-2458

Fax: 306-767-2458

Email: fathermyrheim@gmail.com

Pastor of Parish(es):

Notre Dame de la Nativité - Zenon Park

St. Lucy - Arborfield

Canadian Martyrs - Carrot River

Rev. Travis Myrheim

Address: 1401-4 Ave. West
Prince Albert, SK S6V 5H1

Rector Email: sacredheart.rector@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-763-2319

Fax: 306-763-8444

Rector of Parish(es):

Sacred Heart Cathedral - Prince Albert

Special Note(s):

Ecole St. Anne School

Ecole Valois

Columbian Center

Vocations Director for the Diocese

Rev. Manh Nguyen

Address: 581-9th Street East

Prince Albert, SK  S6V 0Y4

Email: nggumanh@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-764-4637

Fax: 306-764-1089

Pastor of Parish(es): 

St. Mark - Prince Albert

St. James - Albertville

St. James - Candle Lake

Special Note(s): 

Chaplain of St. John Community School

Once a month at River Breeze Retirement Complex, Carment Court, and Sherman Towers

Rev. Matthew Nguyen

Address: P.O. Box 795
Wakaw,SK S0K 4P0

Email: mnguyen@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-233-4230

Fax: 306-233-5791

Rector of Parish(es): 

Shrine of St. Therese - Wakaw

St. Isidore - Bellevue

St. Bernadette - One Arrow First Nation

Bonne Madone - (Summer Only)

Sacred Heart of Jesus - Tarnopol (Summer Only)

Rev. Peter Nnanga, MSP

Address: P.O. Box 118

Cut Knife, SK  S0M 0N0

Parish Email: oloph@sasktel.net

Email: pjnnanga@yahoo.co.uk

Phone Number: 306-398-2305

Fax: 306-398-2334

Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Cut Knife

St. Charles - Marsden

Special Note(s):

Indigenous Ministry, Assistant

(North Battleford Area)

Spiritual Advisor of the Provincial Catholic Women's League

Rev. Peter Paase, MSP

Address: P.O. Box 279
St. Walburg, SK  S0M 2T0

Email: kumashepaase@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-248-3236

Fax: 306-248-3982

Pastor of Parish(es): 

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - St. Walburg

St. Joseph - Bethel

St. Thomas - Makwa


Dean (Deanery 6 - Aug 2019 - 2022)

Rev. Bernabe Millan Sajonas

Address: 1201-105 St.
North Battleford, SK  S9A 1S8

Email: bmjs1981@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-445-3836

Fax: 306-445-6675

Pastor of Parish(es): 

Notre Dame de Lourdes - North Battleford

St. André Apôtre - North Battleford

Special Note(s):

St. Mary Community School

Spiritual Advisor to the Filipino Community in Battleford and Area


Dean (Deanery 3 - Sept. 2021-2024)

Rev. Andrew Szablewski, P.S.S.



St Joseph Seminary

9828 84th St. NW

Edmonton AB T6A 0B2

Rev. Barry Tkachuk

Address: P.O. Box 422

Edam, SK S0M 0V0

Email: barrytkachuk60@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-397-0015

Alternate Ph.: 639-895-0208

Fax: 306-397-2872

Pastor of Parish(es):

Christ the King - Edam

St. Leon - Jackfish

Notre Dame de Fatima - Meota

St. Hippolyte - Vawn

Rev. Phong Tran

Address: P.O. Box 87

St. Louis, SK  S0J 2C0

Email: tranphong3001@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 306-422-8531

Fax: 306-422-8586

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Louis - St. Louis

St. Jeanne d'Arc - Domremy

St. Anne, Birch Hills

Special Note(s):

Deanery 4, Dean (Sept. 2020-2023)

Rev. DJ Vu

Email: vudungdm@yahoo.com

306-960-8874 Cell

306-763-5888 Hm.

Special Note(s):

Mont St. Joseph Home

Monthly Mass at Pineview Terrace Lodge long-term care facility

Herb Bassett Care Home (Sunday Mass)


Member of Bishop's Senate (2019-2024)

College of Consultors ((2019-Present)

Rev. Tuyen Vu

Address: P.O. Box 160

Duck Lake, SK  S0K 1J0

Email: tuyenvuca@yahoo.ca

Phone Number: 306-467-2003

Fax: 306-467-2313

Rectory: 306-4687

Pastor of Parish(es): 

Blessed Heart - Duck Lake

St. Michael - Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation

St. Odilon - Rosthern

Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine - St. Laurent (Summer only) 

Rev. Mariusz Zajac

Address: P.O. Box 70

Debden, SK  S0J 0S0

Email: par.stjeanbaptiste@sasktel.net

Rectory: 306-724-7060

Pastor of Parish(es):

St. Jean Baptiste - Debden

Our Lady of Sacred Heart - Big River

Notre Dame des Victoire - Victoire

Sacred Heart - Big River First Nation (Whitefish)

Retired Priests

Rev. Michael Averyt


Appointed Chaplain of the Sisters of Presentation of Mary

Prince Albert

Permanent Deacon

Deacon Gregory (Greg) Bobbitt

(Linda Rudachyk)

Address: Box 211

Rosthern, SK  S0K 3R0
Email: gregbobbitt@msn.com 

Phone Number:306-232-9012

Permanent Deacon:

St. Odilon, Rosthern

Special Note(s):

Director of Ecumenism

Deacon Michael (Mike) Hardwicke

(Mary Hardwicke)

Address: Box 1150
Nipawin, SK  S0E 1E0

Email: mmhardwicke@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-862-4373

Permanent Deacon:

St. Eugene - Nipawin

Special Note(s):

Occasional ministry to Cumberland House

Member of Permanent Diaconate Committee

Deacon Allan Hinger

(Bonnie Hinger)

Address: Box 57
Goodsoil,SK S0M 1A0

Email: ahinger@live.ca

Phone Number: 306-238-2006

Fax: 306-238-2076

Permanent Deacon:

St. Antoninus -Pierceland

St. Boniface - Goodsoil

Deacon Harry Lafond

(Germaine Lafond)

Address: P.o. Box 82

Marcelin, SK  S0J 1R0

Email: harrylafond@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-226-4754

Cell: 306-227-9630

Permanent Deacon:

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Muskeg Lake First Nation

Special Note(s):

Diocesan Indigenous Ministry (Assistant)

Deacon Ron Johnson

(Darlene Johnson)

Address: P.O. Box 417

Shellbrook, SK  S0J 2E0

Email: rd.johnson@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-747-2615

Cell: 306-747-7908

Permanent Deacon:

St. Agatha - Shellbrook

Deacon Paul Joy

(Nicole Joy)

Address: 9 Attree Bay

Prince Albert, Sk S6X 1C2

Email: prnkjoy@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-763-4566

Cell: 306-960-4589

Permanent Deacon:

Special Note(s):

Diocesan Pastoral Council Executive (DPCE)

Deacon Dan Lamoureux

(Janice Lamoureux)

Mailing Address: Box 461

                              Wilkie, SK  S0K 4W0

Email: cowboyup7391@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 306-398-2305 (office will contact Deacon)

306-4907463 (Text, if possible)

Permanent Deacon:

St. Germaine - Red Pheasant First Nation

St. Thomas - Sweetgrass First Nation

St. Bernadette - Mosquito, Grizzly Bear's                      Head, Lean Man First Nation

Ste. Angele - Poundmaker First Nation

Special Note(s):

Co-coordinator of Indigenous Ministry

for the Battleford & Area

Deacon Richard Lucas

(Yvonne Lucas)

Address: R.R. #2 GBS4, Box 40

Lloydminster, SK  S9V 0X7

Email: rickyvonnelucas@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-825-2516

Cell: 306-830-5995

Permanent Deacon:

Shrine of St. Theresa - Wakaw

St. Bernadette - One Arrow First Nation

Our Lady of Sorrows - Paradise Hill

Holy Rosary - Onion Lake First Nation

St. James - Thunderchild First Nation

Holy Spirit - Maidstone

Deacon Lynn Ryan

(Aileen Ryan)

Address: 1401 - 4th Avenue West
Prince Albert, SK  S6V 5H1

Email: lynn.ryan@sasktel.net

Phone Number: 306-763-2319

Permanent Deacon:

Sacred Heart Cathedral - Prince Albert

Special Note(s):

Coordinator of Catechetics at Sacred Heart Cathedral - Prince Albert

Coordinator of Indigenous Ministry

for Prince Albert & Area, including Sturgeon Lake

Part-Time Chaplaincy service at the

Prince Albert Provincial Correctional Centre



Deacon Brad Taylor

(Christine Taylor)

Address: 581 - 9th St. East
Prince Albert, S6V 0Y4

Phone Number:

306-765-8178 or 306-960-3112

Permanent Deacon:

St. Mark Parish, Prince Albert

Special Note(s):

Chaplain of Saskatchewan Penitentiary

Coordinator of Restorative Justice

Email: restorativejustice@padiocese.ca

Deacon William (Bill) Thibeault

(Lorraine Thibeault)

P.O. Box 352

Shellbrook, SK  S0J 2E0

Email: william.thibeault.2@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-747-3518

Cell: 306-240-4586

Permanent Deacon:

St. Agatha Parish, Shellbrook

Special Note(s):

Diocesan Pastoral Council Executive (DPCE)

Deanery Representative - Deanery 6

Pastoral Assistants

Sr. Rosemary Kitavi, ASN

Address: P.O. Box 268
Debden,SK S0J 0S0

Email: rosemary_kitavi@yahoo.com 

Phone Number: 306-724-2252

Fax: 306-724-2252

Pastoral Assistant:

Sacred Heart - Whitefish

Sr. Anne Wangui, ASN

Address: P.O. Box 268
Debden,SK S0J 0S0

Email: buruguwa@gmail.com

Phone Number: 306-724-2252

Fax: 306-724-4695

Pastoral Assistant:

Sacred Heart - Big River First Nation (Whitefish)

Religious Women



Prince Albert

Provincial Administration

Sr. Lise Paquette, Provincial Superior

Sr. Priscilla Houde, Provincial Assistant

Sr. Lucie Hamel, Provincial Councillor

Sr. RéAnne Letourneau, Provincial Councillor

Sr. Mary Woodward, Provincial Councillor

Sr. Michelle Blanchette, Provincial Treasurer

Sr. Aline Cyr, Local Treasurer

Sr. Albina Labonté (Community Member)

Provincial House

Sr. Zélie Dion, Local Superior/Treasurer

Sr. Evelyn Corbeil

Sr. Elizabeth DeCorby

Sr. Esther Nogier

Sisters Of The Presentation of Mary

#14, 3601 4th Ave. West

Prince Albert, SK  S6W 0A3

Cell: (306) 941-7988

Sr. Mariette Bilodeau, Local

Sr. Evelyn Nedelec, Local Treasurer

Sisters of the Assumption of Nairobi (ASN)


P.O. Box 268

Debden, SK S0J 0S0

Phone (306) 724-2252

Sr. Rosemary Kitavi, ASN


Sr. Elizabeth Nyambura,, ASN


Sisters of the Presentation of Mary

3101 - 3rd Ave. East

Prince Albert, SK  S6V 8E7

Phone: 306-764-1623 


Sr. Rose-Marie Sanche, Local Superior

Sr. Patricia Brochu

Sr. Aline Couture

Sr. Janice Fournier

Sr. Helen Landry

Sr. Cécile Maurice

Sr. Raymonde Ouellette

Sr. Suzanne Papen

Sr. Beverly Pillar

Sr. Murielle Savard

Sisters Of The Presentation of Mary

2210 Douglas Avenue

North Battleford, Sk S9A 2A9

Phone (306) 445-2805

Sr. Rita Bisson, Local Superior

Sr. Diane Lajeunesse

Mont St. Joseph Home

777-28th Street East

Prince Albert, SK  S6V 8C2

Sr. Aline Blais

Sr. Estelle Lavigne

Sr. Josephine Sanche

Daughters of Providence (FDLP)


Sr. Celine Tremblay

Phone (306) 222-9223

#308, 205-13 St. West

Prince Albert, SK S6V 7N2

Religious Men

Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI)


Jeffrey, Rev. Doug (1983)


Phone: 306-236-5122 Fax: 306-236-6399

Meadow Lake - Our Lady of Peace

Green Lake - St. Jude

Waterhen Lake First Nation - Our Lady of the Smile

Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSP)

Akah, Rev. Frederick (1998)


Phone: 306-344-2033

Paradise Hill - Our Lady of Sorrows

Maidstone - Holy Spirit

Onion Lake First Nation - Holy Rosary

Thunderchild First Nation - St. James

Nnanga, Rev. Peter (2006)


Phone: 306-398-2305  Fax: 306-398-2334

Cut Knife - Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Marsden/Neilburg - St. Charles/St. Joseph

Paase, Rev. Peter (1991)


Phone: 306-248-3236 Fax: 306-248-3982

St. Walburg - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Barthel - St. Joseph

Makwa - St. Thomas

Order of Friars Preachers or The Dominicans (OP)

Rev. Madonna-Godwin Aghedo, OP (Administrator)


Phone Number - 306-549.2443 

Ste. Solange - Hafford

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

St. Joseph - Marcelin

All Saints - Mayfair