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Appendix One

Youth Ministry

Activity Ideas and Games

Games (Sources: Camp St. Louis, OLVC,,

Youth Minister Leadership Handbook:

Being a youth ministry leader is a special calling! Not all aspects of being a leader in youth ministry come naturally to everyone, but that doesn’t mean that God hasn’t graced each and everyone of us with this gift. After all, we can all become good youth leaders with a little bit of Good Orderly Direction (GOD)! One thing we have been blessed with is the capacity to learn. So, with good teachers, access to solid resources, some enthusiasm and a dash of faith, we can all become effective youth leaders. We are excited to bring this resource to you! It is a compilation of ideas and manuals from many different sources, as well as approaches used in our years of experience in youth ministry and education. It is our hope that this resource is of help to you in your mission to minister to youth.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the

believers, in speech, in conduct, in love in faith and in purity.



                                                                                                               1 Timothy 4:12



·Ministry Resources


·                     Prince Albert Diocese Resource Center – The diocese resource center contains a wide selection of youth ministry

                      resources, videos, movies, gift items, and more. Call or visit the resource center for help in locating resources in suited

                      to your needs.


·                     Busted Halo – An excellent faith-based site for ministry resources, games/activities for youth and family,

                      Saskatchewan curriculum, videos, podcasts, clips to use at retreats, saints, scriptures, questions of faith,

                      virtual retreats and more.

·                     Youth Ministry 360 – This site contains resources such as bible study lessons, ideas for retreats, holiday lessons and

                      games, devotionals for leaders and students, and much more.

·                     Youth Worker – Offers resources specifically for ministry leaders and pastors as they minister teens and preteens.

                      You’ll find mini-movies, worship tracks, and tips and tools to develop leadership, discipleship, and encouragement for

                      students in their walk with God. Many free resources.

·                    Teen Sunday School – Online source for the best youth Sunday school curriculum and ministry resources. Printable

                     material, lessons, small group bible studies, activities, skits, games and more.

·                    Fervr – A Christian youth website that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens. The site includes

                     information on Bible reading, understanding God, entertainment, youth group ideas and more!

·                    Children's Ministry – A resource for children’s ministers packed with practical, authentic ministry ideas – games,

                     devotions, crafts, and more.

·                    Ministry to Youth – A collection of ministry resources focused on creating lessons and games for kids through high

                     school ministry.

·                    Catholic Mom – A resource for Catholics seeking spiritual enrichment for their families. Includes information on the

                     sacraments, saints, mass lesson plans, crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

                     4 Catholic Educators – Resources for Catholic Educators including lesson plans, teaching tools, saints, angels, moral

                     issues, sacraments, and more!


                     Catholic to the Max – Catholic apparel, art, gifts, and home décor.


                     Creative youth ideas – Owners of this site have compiled resources taken from years of involvement and experience in

                     youth ministry. It includes small group discussions, game ideas, creative teaching ideas, illustrations, object lessons and

                     everything else that you need to build a strong youth ministry.

                     Teampedia - a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for

                     teams. Many wonderful resources for group leaders, trainers, teachers, counselors, youth groups, ... anyone wanting to

                     enhance collaboration and creativity.

                     Youth Group Games – Everyone’s favorite place for great games, icebreakers, ideas and activities for youth groups, team

                     building and more.

                     Ultimate Camp Resource – an excellent resource filled with games, skits, songs, icebreakers, team building activities,

                     and much more – great for camping and Youth Groups!!


                     Chaos and the Clutter – This site is designed for games at home; however, many can be used and adapted for your

                     Youth ministry group.


                     Father Catfish – Many great resources from Fr. Mike “Catfish” Mireau, the late, great Chaplain of Edmonton Catholic

                     schools. Includes items such as Mass resources, videos on Catholic beliefs, Fr. Mireau’s “Rants”, the pros and cons of

                     youth masses, and more!!

                     Mike is Third - Mike Landry, a faith-based, motivational speaker, is also the full-time Chaplain to Evergreen Catholic

                     Schools west of Edmonton, AB. This website is an online extension of Mike’s continuing mission to teach others

                     devotion & loving service through speaking, writing, and music ministry.

                     Loyola Press – Filled with Catholic resources and faith formation programs for all ages – kids, teens, family, parish

                     ministry, prayer and more.

                    Seedbed - top-20-youth-group-games – This site has some of the top youth group games. Be sure to check out the

                    section on free resources.

                    Spiritually Hungry – Many youth ministry ideas including: 15 ways to do Youth ministry virtually; how to find youth group

                    volunteers; how to start a small group; icebreakers for youth groups; year end parties; conversation starters; as well as

                    many personal discipleship resources.

                    Youth Downloads – Contains a variety of power point games, as well as videos on Known-Understanding our Identity in

                    Christ-sermon series, World Religions Sermon series and many more.

                    Lifeteen – Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

                    This is a great site for blogs, short videos, activity ideas, and faith development.

                    Center for Parent/Youth Understanding -This site offers good insights into current youth culture trends.

                    FORMED - provides the very best Catholic content from more than 60 organizations to help parishes, families and

                    individuals explore their faith anywhere. Supporting thousands of movies, children’s programs, eBooks, audio, parish

                    programs and studies direct to your browser, mobile or connected device.

                    WCACYM (Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers): a source of community, networking, support, and

                    professional & spiritual development for everyone involved in youth ministry.


                    CCYMN (Canadian Catholic Youth Ministry Network)
                    Catholic Organization - gives the largest and broadest population of Catholics worldwide easy access to comprehensive,
                    educational and timely information about Catholicism, and provides a range of easy methods to integrate their faith into
                    their daily lives.

                    Catholic Christian Outreach A university student movement dedicated to evangelization, challenging students to live in

                    the fullness of the Catholic faith. At a time when young people are making decisions that shape the course of their lives,

                    we introduce them to Jesus and help them become leaders who will renew the world.

                    "You Give Them Something to Eat" – A recent Canadian publication giving an overview of comprehensive youth ministry

                    (goals, components, and strategies).


                     Vatican – The Roman Catholic Church online.



                    Prince Albert Diocesan Forms

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