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World Youth Day @ Home
January 26, 2019

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World Youth Day @ Home

Although World Youth Day @ Home January 26th, 2019 in Prince Albert Saskatchewan occurred in the midst of winter storm conditions, that storm could not quell the spirit of solidarity displayed by the over 100 faithful who attended our diocesan event coordinated to celebrate with the WYD pilgrims in Panama City.

We were pleased to have been gifted with the presence of Bishop Albert, many clergy, the N.E.T team, testimonials and the talents of Mr. Mike Landry of Edmonton Alberta, as well as an indigenous dance performance by dancers from Big River reserve. We were indeed blessed with a great day of fellowship and solidarity.

Laird Youth Ministry Evening Retreat 2018


The Youth Ministry Retreat held at the Laird Mennonite Church was a great success. Once again this was a retreat that was ecumenical in design and therefore served youth of all faiths who were interested in attending.


There was just under 30 youth who attended along with Heidi and Wade Epp who were graceful and helpful in making this evening work so well. The theme for the Retreat was “SHAPE” which focused on looking at how each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made in the image of God. The evening consisted of music, fun and activities that were all related to the message. A big thank you to the Mennonite Church community for the generous use of their facility. Thank you to the children who attended - we were so blessed to have such an awesome group!

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Re: Dave McQuaid and Brian Bauche Retreat Team

I am pleased to offer reference for these two gentlemen. Dave and Brian have been hosting Faith Retreats at our School for more than three (3) years. As well, Dave has been involved in our retreats at JPII Collegiate for over 20 years as a teacher and faith leader. Each of the grade 8-12 retreats held yearly at our school has been a huge success. The retreats have been professionally conducted, working with myself and our school Retreat Team to offer all grade levels various theme-based learning while incorporating fun and engaging activities. The gentlemen work excellently with our staff, our God Squad helpers and more importantly, our students. They expertly organize each retreat while at the same time enabling progressive, mature and caring interpersonal relationships with all involved. Their pleasant manner, caring approach and willingness to help others grow in their faith, provides an excellent example of Christian service to others.

Not only are these men well organized and easy to work with, but extremely talented musically, creative in their programing approaches and always compassionate. As retired educators, they are well aware of student behaviors and appropriate student conduct in a school setting.

I feel confident that Dave and Brian are an excellent team to provide exciting, fun, engaging and meaningful retreats to schools as well as a variety of other venues. They live their faith and it shows in their relationships with students and staff.


Roxanne M Stynsky, B.ED, M.ED, D.Cos,

Faith Retreat at Rivier Elementary School in Spiritwood

Here is a  short reflection on our retreat. 


The content of the retreat was very relevant to our group of students.

The students were engaged and continue to sing songs that they learned at home and in the hallways at school.


Dave and Brian were very professional, while still injecting humour and goofiness. They have a well-developed rapport with each other. They were able to direct the staff to assist, and let us know what they expected from us, which was extremely helpful.


The students were captivated by the day. The songs, the talks, the games were all very well received. Dave and Brian knew how to maintain the of the students while still joking around with them.


We were very blessed to have been able to host a retreat for our students. We all left, smiling, singing, and wanting more time.

Thank you for allowing us this wonderful opportunity.

Frances Weber

Rivier Elementary School



Holy Cross Parish in Glaslyn had a night of musical entertainment facilitated by Dave McQuaid from the Diocesan Youth Ministry along with Fr. Greg, who is the parish priest. It was a fantastic night of song with music ranging from the 1950s all the way to present day including songs of worship and praise.


All too often parishes get bogged down on the daily business that is needed to run them and sometimes we can forget that we need to gather for moments of fun and community building. Dave and Fr. Greg lead an evening that was full of music, laughter, and

socializing. Not only did our own parishioners attend, but we even had a significant number of people who were not parishioners and of other faith beliefs, and it was a wonderful chance to have an ecumenical gathering.


Holy Cross Parish was very pleased with the spirit of the evening and would highly recommend doing the same in your parish. A great time was had by all ages and it greatly helped us spread the message of Christ into our local community.


Fr. Greg Elder,

Parish Priest Holy Cross Parish, Glaslyn

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