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JP II Grade 8 Retreat

Deanery 2 Altar Server Appreciation Day 


 The Altar server Appreciation Day was held on Saturday, February 24th in Melfort at Our Lady of Consolation Parish.

  The day was a lot of fun. Brian Bauche  (Youth Ministry Coordinator) kicked off the day with  Music – songs of praise and worship and the kids sang loud and clear. This was followed by some games and activities that all the kids participated in and even some of the adults (who seemed to have as much, if not more fun than the children!). After each activity we de-briefed and discussed the life/faith lesson from each activity. 

  Lunch was served Pizza, noodles and deserts – a wonderful lunch put on by the ladies – thanks so much!

After lunch the kids went over to the Melfort  Northern Lights Palace Aquatic Center and spent the afternoon swimming. Fun was had by all!!

Special thanks to all our Altar servers and the clergy who support them in their ministry! Thank you once again to Fr. Nick and parish for hosting.

Laird Youth Ministry Evening Retreat 2018


The Youth Ministry Retreat held at the Laird Mennonite Church on Friday, January 26, 2018 was a great success. Once again this was a retreat that was ecumenical in design and therefore served youth of all faiths who were interested in attending.


There was just under 30 youth who attended along with Heidi and Wade Epp who were graceful and helpful in making this evening work so well. The theme for the Retreat was “SHAPE” which focused on looking at how each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made in the image of God. The evening consisted of music, fun and activities that were all related to the message. A big thank you to the Mennonite Church community for the generous use of their facility. Thank you to the children who attended - we were so blessed to have such an awesome group!


 For more information on the “Join the Journey Retreats” offered through the generous support of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert and the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, please feel free to contact Dave McQuaid or Brian Bauche, Youth Ministry Coordinators as per the contact information provided on this web page.

Thank you and may God Bless and keep you.

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Faith Retreat at Rivier Elementary School in Spiritwood

With Brian Bauche and Dave McQuaid

Here is a  short reflection on our retreat by Dave & Brian. I filled in a staff evaluation as well so my comments may be repeated.


Content relevance - The content of the retreat was very relevant to our group of students. In the past, some presenters struggled with working with our Kindergarten - Grade 2 students, but this wasn't the case this year. The students were engaged and continue to sing songs that they learned at home and in the hallways at school.


Our punctuality- Dave and Brian were at the school well in advance of starting the retreat. They were set up and ready to great us when we walked in the library. I mentioned to the staff that the agenda was set, and I knew that we had to be on time in order to keep the retreat running according to schedule. I really appreciated this, as I am a person who respects timelines and schedules.


Professionalism- Dave and Brian were very professional, while still injecting humour and goofiness. They have a well developed rapport with each other. They were able to direct the staff to assist, and let us know what they expected from us, which was extremely helpful.


Interaction with students and staff- The students were captivated by the day. The songs, the talks, the games were all very well received. Dave and Brian knew how to maintain the attention of the students while still joking around with them. 

We were very blessed to have been able to host a retreat for our students. We all left, smiling, singing, and wanting more time.

Thank you for allowing us this wonderful opportunity.

Frances Weber


Rivier Elementary School


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