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Saints during    the   Year

February Saints

St. Blaise & St. Ansgar - February 3

St. Blaise.jpg
St. Ansgar.jpg

St. Blaise is the patron saint of wool combers, wild animals, candle makers and ailments of the throat.

St. Ansgar is the patron saint of Scandinavia.

St. Paul Miki - February 6

St. Paul Miki.jpg

St. Paul Miki is the patron saint of Japan.

St. Jerome   Emiliani   and   St. Jerome Bahkita   -   February   23

St. Jerome Emiliani.jpg
St. Josephine Bahkita.jpg

St. Jerome is the saint of orphans and abandoned children.

St. Josephine Bakhita is the patron Saint of Human Trafficking.

St. Scholastica - February 10

St. Scholastica.jpg

St. Scholastica is the religious sisters and of those seeking protection against violent storms.

St. Cyril & St. Methodius - February 14

St. Cyril and Methodius.jpg

St. Cyril is the Patron Saint of Alexandria.

St. Methodius is the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana.

St. Peter Damian - February 21

St. Peter Damian.jpg

St. Peter is the patron saint of popes and of Rome and of many cities that bear his name, such as St. Petersburg and Saint-Pierre.

St. Polycarp - February 23

St. Polycarp.jpg

St. Polycarp is the patron saint of earache sufferers.

January Saints

January Saints

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys - January 12

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys.jpg

St. Marguerite is  the patron saint of     poverty, loss of parents and people rejected by religious orders.

St. Hilary  of Poitiers - January   13

St. Hilary of Poitiers.jpg

St. Hilary is  the patron saint of children with disabilities (for unknown reasons), mothers, and sick people.

St. Fabian and St. Sebastian - January 20

St. Sebastian.jpg
St. Fabian.jpg

St. Sebastian is  the patron saint of archers and athletes and of those who desire a saintly death.

St. Fabian is  the patron saint of Rome.

St. Anthony Abbot - January 17

St. Anthony Abbot.jpg

St. Anthony  is  the patron saint of fire.

St. Agnes - January 21

St. Agnes.jpg

St. Agnes is the patron saint of young girls.

St. Francis De Sales - January 24

St. Francis De Sales.jpg

St. Francis De  Sales is  the patron saint of adult education, the deaf, and journalists.

St. Angela Merici -  January 27

St. Angela Merici.jpg

St. Angela   is  the patron saint of sickness, disabled and physically challenged people, and those grieving the loss of parents.

St. Thomas Aquinas - January 28

St. Thomas Aquinas.jpg

St.  Thomas is the patron saint of all universities and of students.

St. Titus.jpg

St. Timothy and St. Titus - January 26

St. Timothy.jpg

St. Timothy    is  the patron saint of the stomach and intestinal ailments.

Click here to download the St. Titus   craft.

St.  Titus is the patron saint of   United States Army Chaplain Corps.

Click here to download the Bible Lesson plan, for St. Timothy. It talks about St. Timothy and   has   crafts   and    activities   ideas for kids to   do. 

St. John   Bosco - January 31

St. John Bosco.jpg

St. John is the patron saint of Catholic publishers and youth.

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