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Sacramental Preparation for Children
with Special Needs

Girl Playing Outside
adaptive first eucharist learning kit.JP

Those who suffer handicaps of any kind

are considered particularly beloved 
by the Lord and the community.
Growth in our understanding of handicaps,
along with progress in specialized pedagogy,
makes it possible and desirable 
for all to have adequate catechesis. (GDC, 89)

General Directory for Catechesis in Plain English
Bill Heubsh, 2001

It is true that the pedagogy, method of teaching, those with special needs has grown through the years. Loyola Press took up the challenge of developing sacramental preparation teaching material for children with special needs. The picture to the left illustrates the content of the Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit. There are learning  kits for First Reconciliation and Confirmation as well. These resources, available to be borrowed through the diocesan resource centre, can be used to help children with special needs prepare for their reception of the sacraments. Local parents, catechists and teachers who have used these resources have found them to be a very good teaching tool for their special needs child. Contact the diocesan resource centre via email by clicking on the link to the left or by calling 306-922-4747 extension 229.

Loyola Press also offers online support to parents and catechists in passing on the faith to those with special needs. These can be accessed by clicking on the the link to the left.  

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