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“Synodality is the way of
being the Church today
according to the will of God in a dynamic of discerning and listening together to the voice of the Holy Spirit.”

Pope Francis

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Resources to Support the Parish 2022 Synod Implementation

Our Diocese of Prince Albert Synod Synthesis offers six potential next steps gleaned after the reading of the parish syntheses. Parishes have been asked to reflect upon and discern which two steps their community is being called by the Holy Spirit to begin to bring to life in their community. The Diocesan Resource Center and Office of Evangelization and Catechesis would like to offer support to parishes in discerning and implementing their next steps

Here are two short videos to watch with those who are gathered to understand what is being asked of each of us as we listen to each other and journey as a synodal Church.

(First of ten videos from the Diocese of Galloway in Ireland)

Video on listening to each other

  • A few video suggestions from the ten produced by the Diocese of Galloway and others focused on the focus of each step are provided below.

    • These may help in imagining/discerning how to incarnate the step your parish chooses.

    • Each short video from the Diocese of Galloway includes questions for reflection to aid in creating clarity of thought around the topic being discussed. These short videos and questions could help a parish discern their path forward. It may be fruitful for those who will be part of the discernment to have access to the videos

    • You will note that some of the same video suggestions are offered for multiple steps. The base of all the steps is listening; therefore, the art of listening, the ability to speak out, and the ability to engage in dialogue are key for multiple steps.

    • The short videos from the Diocese of Galloway are all under 5 minutes in length. The other video suggestions are longer; the length of time of the video is provided in brackets after the title.

  • Scripture suggestions with reflections and questions from the Biblical Resources for Synodality, which will support the laying of a foundation of prayer for which every step the parish chooses. The full document with guides for praying with Scripture is available on the Vatican Synod webpage here

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