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Youth/Children Resources


This children's DVD series conveys moral themes based on Christianity. 


This children's animated DVD series tells the story of a Christian leader, his wife, and five orphaned children living in Rome, Italy after the Great Fire of Rome whose mission is to keep Jesus's stories alive during the 1st century while they have adventures. The series consists of thirteen episodes.


Friends and Heroes DVD series uses creative storytelling and high-quality animation to teach, entertain, and inspire children through exciting adventures and life-changing Bible stories.


This animated DVD series tells the stories from both the Old and New Testament.

Weight Of A Mass.png
The Weight of a Mass
This book is  a beautiful tale iIlustrating the significance of Mass, in the Catholic tradition.
Take it to the queen.jpg
Take it to the Queen
This book explores the events of Jesus' life, and demonstrates the role of the Virgin Mary as the benevolent agent of God's people. 

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