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LECTIO: Evangelization - DVD Set
There is no better place to look for guidance in the New Evangelization than the Acts of the Apostles. This chronicle of the Church in action gives us the blueprint for the life and mission of the Church today.
In Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines Bible study with Church teaching and practical wisdom to show you how modern Catholics can effectively lead people to Jesus Christ.

Episode Listing:
1. Why Study Acts? (49 minutes)
2. Clothed with Power (49 minutes)
3. Proclaiming the Kerygma (52 minutes)
4. Signs and Wonders (52 minutes)
5. How Jesus Makes an Evangelist (46 minutes)
6. Sacraments and the Spirit (48 minutes)
7. Leadership in the Church (43 minutes)
8. Charisms of the Spirit (51 minutes)
9. Joy in Persecution (50 minutes)
10. The Belly of the Beast (55 minutes)


The Adventures of Nick & Sam

This series presents the adventures of the twins, their family, their friends, and the people they encounter at school, church, and in town. This series presents Catholic culture easily and normally, and provides opportunities for readers to think about the consequences of words and actions. Some of the chapters early in the series appear in the Signs of Grace curriculum, and the Hope Springs “universe” expands out to McCusker's Blue Christmas and will be featured in other stories to come. This series is written similarly to the Adventures in Odyssey series and the Magic Tree House series, and is recommended for readers ages seven and up, but can also be read by parents to younger children.


Book—Father Ben gets ready for Mass

Fr. Ben needs your help getting ready for Mass! Open the cover of this book, and you and your child will begin a creative, interactive, and fun journey with a holy priest as he prepares to celebrate the Mass. Glide your fingers across the pages of the book, tilt it around, count, and sing; we dare you not to smile. Fr. Ben Gets Ready for Mass is the perfect way to introduce your Catholic child to the joy of the liturgy and the gift of the priesthood!

Book—This is Church

The most beautiful way to introduce your little one to the incredible story of salvation history!

This is the Church will dazzle you with its detailed, stained-glass illustrations and tempt you to countless readings with its rhythmic story.

How the Angel got thier wings.png

Book - How the Angels Got Their Wings

With these charming rhyming verses, Anthony DeStefano begins this enchanting children's book on perhaps the most fascinating of all God's creatures -- the angels. How the Angels Got Their Wings is a winsome introduction to the story of the angels -- pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will .


Book -Brilliant , 25 Catholics Scientists, Mathematicians, and Super smart People

This book introduces children to many of the Catholics who have been behind ground-breaking discoveries in science and math for centuries. Children will embark on an adventure through history where they'll meet faith-filled pioneers in every field from anatomy to astrophysics. They'll walk in the footsteps of these super smart Catholics who changed the world and learn how brilliant they can be when they unite faith and science!

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Book- An Introduction to the Restored

An Introduction to the Restored Order explores the historical, theological, and  catechetical dimensions of celebrating the sacraments of initiation in the order of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. It is primarily written for catechists who are guiding children and parents along the journey of the restored order, but others who are interested in this process will find useful insights as well. 

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Book- A Parent's Guide to the Restored Order

This book gives parents a brief overview of the restored order by answering some of the most frequently asked questions parents have as their children   prepare for these sacraments.

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