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Andrea Langlois
Responsible Ministry
306-922-4747 ext. 234

Responsible Ministry Appendices

Appendix 2B - Parishes with No High Risk Ministries

                        Annual Form of Verification

Appendix 2C - Parishes with No High Risk Ministries

                        Annual Letter of Verification

Appendix 10A - Children/Youth Health

        Information and parent/Guardian Consent

Appendix 11A - Extraordinary Activities


Appendix 11B - Extraordinary Activity Plan

                          Parent's Copy

Appendix 11C - Extraordinary Activity

                         Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Appendix 3C - Screening Overview

                        for Each Risk Level

Appendix 4A - Ministry Personnel Application Form

                        for Adults

Appendix 4B - Release of Information and

                        Declaration of Intent Form

Appendix 11D - Extraordinary Activity

                          Authorization Form

Appendix 11E - Extraordinary Activity 

                         Approval of Assessor

Appendix Appendix 4C - Ministry Personnel                                                      Reference Form

Appendix 5 - Ministry Personnel Application Form

                     for Youth working with children

Appendix 6A - Ministry Personnel Agreement Form

                        Covenant of Care

Appendix 6C - Oath of Confidentiality Form 

                        For Employees

Appendix 7A - Interview Questions

                        Current Volunteers

Appendix 7B - Interview Questions

                       New Volunteers

Appendix 8A & 8B - Checklist for General Risk

  & Checklist for High Risk Volunteer Positions

Appendix 8C - Approval of

                        Ministry Personnel Volunteer

Appendix 9A - Children/Youth Registration Form

    Image Release and Parent/Guardian Consent

Appendix 9E - Registration Form - Babysitting

at Parish, Deanery or Diocese Event

Appendix 21 - Blood Borne Pathogens

                       and Infectious Diseases

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