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A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism

An essential mission of the Church is building unity among Christian believers. This effort involves participation of the faithful and clergy alike and begins with lively appreciation of Christian tradition, but without diminishing Catholic beliefs.

Considering the ecumenical milieu, Catholic laity as well as clergy are encouraged to participate in common prayer services hosted by other Christian denominations. They (clergy and laity) are also encouraged to participate with their local ministerial association’s efforts to bring about fulfillment of Gospel values in the area of social justice, humanitarian works and the spread of the Gospel message. In the circumstance that no ministerial association exists, clergy and laity are encouraged to work together with other Christian communities in their area.

A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism written by Cardinal Walter Kasper, (2007) is an excellent resource which indicates many areas wherein Christians of all denominations can worship and pray together.

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