March 15, 2022

A country still in need of aid

As the world witnesses a great tragedy unfold in Ukraine, let us take a moment today, on the eleventh anniversary of the Syrian conflict, to remember the millions of Syrian civilians who are still suffering.

Damascus saw its first protests as part of the Arab Spring on March 15, 2011. Given the Syrian government’s subsequent use of violence against protesters, which spiralled into a war, today is considered by many to be the anniversary of the start of the current armed conflict.

As the conflict enters its second decade, fighting and attacks continue in the northeast and northwest, and millions of people are still in need of assistance.

Development and Peace has been responding to humanitarian needs on the ground since the early stages of the conflict (see our report here), committing more than $71 million to our Syria program over a decade. In 2022, we are partnering with locally based organizations providing medical support and mentoring young human rights defenders in peace-building initiatives.

Your generous donations over the years have helped more than 1.3 million woman, men and children in Syria rebuild their lives and have hope in a brighter future. Thank you!


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Prayers for the Ukrainian refugees

The news coming out of Ukraine is truly heart-breaking. The number of people who have fled the country continues to rise, now exceeding 2.5 million, while over 12 million Ukrainians are in need of vital humanitarian aid.

To learn more about our efforts to meet their needs, please consult our Ukraine Emergency Fundraising – Questions & Answers.


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Lenten well wishes

Thank you to all those who took part in our Ash Wednesday vigil to mark the global day of fasting and prayer for peace in Ukraine.

For those of us having difficulty entering into the prayerful spirit of Lent with all the tragedies unfolding around us, we invite you to consult our Share Lent 2022 resources page.

There you will find, among other things, our weekly reflections on the bible readings. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the reflections every Sunday this Lent.

May your Lent be filled with spiritual graces.


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