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Children's Bibles


Questions are often asked about bible editions for children and youth. The five pictured here are available for purchase through the Diocesan Resource Centre.


The Children's Bible is new and much more child-friendly than the previous one with more illustrations and an easy to understand text.


The Brave Girls Bible Stories and Action Bible, though not complete editions of the bible, provide an excellent opportunity to introduce children to the stories in the bible that will draw them to read more.  The Brave Girls Bible Stories would be appropriate for girls 6 and up. The Action Bible is an enticing read for children 10-years old and up.


The Youth Bible options provide side-bars, which contain questions for reflection and historical notes. Both of the Youth Bibles have leaders guides if they are to be used in a youth group setting.


Click on the link to the left to email the Resource about these items or call Debbie at 306-922-4747 extension 227.

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