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On this page you will find links to the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy handouts and videos, which have been created by the Diocese. The intent behind the creation of this content is to help spread the news about the Jubilee of Mercy so as to invite everyone to both experience the Father’s mercy; as well as become ambassadors of that mercy.

Items marked with an *asterisk have not been posted yet. To go directly to an article or to the video you wish to view, click on any title below to follow the link. 






Announcing the Jubilee Year – December 2015





























Holy Doors and Indulgences – January 2016















Jubilee of Mercy Holy Doors & Indulgences Handout

Holy Doors & Indulgences Handout in French

Reconciliation – February 2016


Reconciliation Pamphlet

Reconciliation Pamphlet in French


Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy – March 2016
















Works of Mercy Pamphlet

Works of Mercy Pamphlet in French


Easter 2016


Easter Handout

Easter Handout in French

Pilgrimages – May 2016





Pilgrimages (French)

Jubilee of Mercy Handouts - On September 24 As the fall begins many parish programs also begin and leading these programs are the Parish Catechists. We often think that the catechists are only those who work with children when in fact...You are a catechist if...You pass on faith to Children and Youth in such areas as: Children’s Catechetics, Sacramental Prep, Youth Ministry  or Catholic School Teachers. You pass on faith to Adults in such areas as: RCIA, Pastoral Care, Baptismal Prep, Social Justice, Lay Formation,  Prison Ministry, Marriage Prep, Prayer Groups, or Lifelong Catechesis Groups (i.e., Bible Study).

            To learn more about the ministry of catechetics follow the link below and checkout the latest Jubilee of Mercy handout 

I Am A Catechist



Pastoral Care - October 2016


Pastoral Care Pamphlet

Pastoral Care Pamphlet in French

Pastoral Care Video in French













Prison Ministry -November 2016​

Prison Ministry Video in English













Prison Ministry Video in French

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