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His Excellency Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr.​

Explanation of Bishop Albert's
Coat of Arms

"To help our people rediscover Christ, the Incarnate Word of God because we are all called to Holiness."

A Short Autobiography of Bishop Albert

During a snowstorm on the 6th of November 1945, I entered this world as the eleventh of twelve children and found a noisy bunch upon my arrival. Though born in Treherne, Manitoba, I was raised in the neighbouring village of Somerset.


My parents were special to me. My mother shared her strong faith and my father taught us to respect all people. Even though my growing years were spent in humble settings, our home was always open to those around us. One more mouth did not seem to bother my parents as we shared the little we had.


Until Grade 8, I attended Richard School after which I entered into the Junior Seminary of St. Boniface with classes at St Boniface College for four years. In 1964, I entered the Missionaries of Africa known as the White Fathers. I travelled for the first time down east to Lennoxville to begin my formation as a brother (lay missionary). Two years of noviciate followed and then I returned to St. Boniface College to finish my first degree and prepared myself to become a teacher. Afterwards, I went to Tanzania where I learned to speak Swahili. I taught for three years and enjoyed the experience very much. Returning to Canada, I began my Pre-Masters in Education but then decided to do my theological studies in London, England.


Since my first experience in Africa, I found myself returning repeatedly to live in an international community. Ordained as Priest on August 2, 1980, I went back to Tanzania to do parish work until 1985. An appointment to Western Canada to do missionary and vocational awareness in 1986 kept me busy for seven years. Soon after returning to Tanzania in 1993, I became part of the Regional team. The members of the 1998 General Chapter elected me to the General Council and I served the Society and the missions in this capacity for six years with our offices in Rome. I returned to Canada to work for the Propagation of the Faith for two years and then was appointed as Provincial of our North American Province. I held this responsibility until my election as Bishop of Prince Albert in August of 2008.


Today, through the Diocese of Prince Albert, I continue to serve with a vision of evangelization …to help our people rediscover Christ, the incarnate Word of God because we are all called to Holiness.

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