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A reminder to  everyone about copyrights, live-streaming and technology in churches. See documents below:

Letter regarding Copyrights and Technology (March 2021)

Guide for Screens and Technology (2017)

Considerations for Technology V.1.0 (Sept. 21, 2021)

Copyright Guideline for Parish and School Liturgies

Over the past number years, copyright law has been a subject of great interest in Canada.  We want to ensure that our diocese is following the federal and international copyright laws.

When we break these copyright laws, we are acting in a manner that is not Christian, legal, moral or just. We are depriving authors and composers of their rightful income and we are not encouraging a supply of quality music or authorship for the future, as these people may be forced to abandon their work if it does not allow them to make a living.

There are currently 2 documents made for us in Canada that cover the many issues of Copyrights in our country.

The document attached was put together by the Diocese of Calgary and is a wonderful resource:

Also attached is an excellent explanation regarding “COPYRIGHTS” that was put together by our in-house copyright specialist at the CCCB. .

If you would like to speak to someone to clarify what you can and cannot do at the parish level in a public setting concerning this document please contact Isabelle Brochu at the CCCB and she can be reached at extension 118.

Please help to make this diocese a model of responsibility by following the guidelines in the copyright law.

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