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As we begin a new ministry season, it is time once again to bless and pray from the catechists in our parishes.

This year the theme that the Office of Liturgy and Evangelization & Catechesis is bringing forward is 'From Water to Life.' Beginning with our baptism, the sacraments bring us into fullness of life in Christ. For us the sacraments are an encounter with God who cares for and loves us, who desires that we have fullness of life in and through his Son.

This fall you will notice that the presentation offerings by the the Office of Evangelization & Catechesis are focused on the sacraments. TeamRCIA will provide an opportunity to reinvigorate and strength the RCIA journeys offered in our parishes. Already the clergy of our Diocese have had an opportunity to attend a day with TeamRCIA, which by all accounts was well received.  A day for everyone in the parish to attend a virtual workshop with TeamRCIA is being scheduled for later this year. Also planned for this fall,       Dr. Josephine Lombardi (October 17) will look at each of the sacraments as gifts to us who are Jesus' disciples. All are encouraged to develop this theme throughout the year in your parishes as you are able.

This year I would like to highlight the resources for catechists offered by Loyola Press. The first link to the left will lead you to one of the three-minute retreats that is particularly prepared for catechists. The second link will lead you to the 3-minute retreat archives. The third link will lead you to the page inviting you to sign-up to receive the 3-minute retreat daily in your inbox.

The next three links to the left offer practical support through videos and articles for catechists.  The first link offers a clip to catechists of children and youth on 'Tips to Teaching Catechesis Remotely' by Joe Paprocki. The  second link for catechists of children and youth leads to Joe's Pop-Up Catechesis videos which offer practical advice and ideas for leading catechetical sessions. The third link offers a page of resource links of tips and ideas for making your adult faith formation ministry, from RCIA to Bible Study, a success.

Catechetical Sunday, September 27, 2020

From Water to Life