A special thank you to all who donated to the 2021 Bishop's Annual Appeal. Also, thank you to all who helped in promoting the Annual Appeal.

We have received 1,244 pledges

and the amount pledged to the 2021 Bishop's Annual Appeal is $413,322.19 

2021 Bishop's Annual Appeal Video



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2021 Bishop’s Annual Appeal

"To Serve and Give His Life"

The theme for the 2021 Bishop’s Annual Appeal is “To Serve and Give His Life”. Bishop Stephen Hero started the campaign with the video which can be viewed above.


The goal this year is



The 2021 Bishop's Annual Appeal Brochure  - Link

Have you received your envelope in the mail yet? If you didn't receive an envelope ask at your parish, they have extras or email bishopsappeal@padiocese.ca or baadirector@padiocese.ca.


or call:

Andrea Langlois – Director of Bishop’s Annual Appeal 306-922-4747 Ext. 234


Louis Hradecki, Data Administrator 306-922-4747 Ext. 233.


You can also go to our website to donate by Visa/Mastercard: https://www.padiocese.ca/donate

Canada Helps issues the receipt.