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A note of gratitude from Bishop Emeritus Albert Thévenot, M. Afr. for the Tanzania Tractor

Greetings to all,


Fall is upon us as we experience the first frost. The leaves have already changed colors. What a beautiful time of the year. The harvest was not according to expectation.


Once again, I would like to share with you a few photos of the tractor and the implements for our farmers in Tanzania. Once again, they would like to express their gratitude to you. The driver was trained and was given a crash course by the John Deere dealer.  Their sowing season is approaching. They will soon be in the fields. I will share more photos when I receive them.


Thank you and blessings


Bishop Emeritus Albert Thévenot, M. Afr.

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The Ursuline Sisters of Prelate

are celebrating their 100th anniversary.

A public celebration will take place

June 1, 2019

Poster and to Register

Most Reverend Albert Thévenot's invitation to the Mass of Ordination of a Deacon for Barry Tkachuk. 7:00 p.m., Monday, January 28, 2019 at St. Vital Parish in Battleford.

Ministry of Acolyte

Yesterday, Sunday December 2, 2018, Barry Tkachuk took the next step on his journey towards priesthood by receiving the Ministry of Acolyte. An acolyte serves at the celebration of the Eucharist assisting the priest or bishop at various moments in the celebration. Acolytes carry the cross or the candles, hold the Roman Missal, prepare the altar, distribute the Sacred Body and Blood and purify the sacred vessels.


On January 28, 2019, Barry will be ordained to the Transitional Diaconate (See below for the distinction between the transitional and permanent diaconate.). This celebration will take place in his home parish of St. Vital in Battleford, SK. As a Deacon, Barry will be entrusted with the tasks of proclaiming God’s word, sharing the faith, visiting the sick and the marginalized, assisting at liturgical celebrations and generally making Jesus known and loved by all people. He will also be preparing himself for his work as a priest. Let us continue to pray for Barry and for his journey of service.






In the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, you have the Pope at the top (well, after God), cardinals, bishops, priests, and then deacons. Catholics recognize two types of deacons:

  • Permanent deacons are men ordained to an office in the Catholic Church who normally have no intention or desire of becoming priests. He can be single or married. If the latter, he must be married before being ordained a deacon. If his wife dies before him, he may be ordained a priest if the bishop permits and approves.

Permanent deacons, especially those who are married, have secular jobs to support their families and also help the local pastor by visiting the sick, teaching the faith, counseling couples and individuals, working on parish committees and councils, and giving advice to the pastor.

  • Transitional deacons are seminarians, students in the last phase of training for the Catholic priesthood. After being a deacon for a year, they’re ordained a priest by the bishop.

Deacons can baptize, witness marriages, perform funeral and burial services outside of Mass, distribute Holy Communion, preach the homily (which is the sermon given after the Gospel at Mass), and are obligated to pray the Divine Office (Breviary) each day. (The Divine Office, Breviary, or Liturgy of the Hours are all the same thing. These are the 150 Psalms and Scriptural readings from the Old and New Testament that every deacon, priest, and bishop must pray every day and a few times during each day.) This way, in addition to the biblical readings at daily Mass, the cleric is also exposed to more Sacred Scripture each day of his life.

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert would like to congratulate retired pastor, Rev. Herve Vallée, for being chosen to be inducted into the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame for his contribution to the Arts in the community of Prince Albert. Many parishioners know Fr. Vallée personally for his pastoral service to many parishes in the diocese and for his years of service as Social Justice Director. A number of parishes in the diocese also have the pleasure of having experienced the fine artwork of Fr. Vallée through the stained glass windows that he was commissioned to do.

Thank you Fr. Hervé for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us.

A certificate of appreciation will be given to Fr. Vallée at a reception on Thursday, May 31st at the Arts Centre (Old City Hall).

An appreciation event for Fr. Hervé is scheduled for September 29, 2018 at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre. This will be a special evening honouring Fr. Hervé’s work in the arts in Prince Albert. Tickets are available at the E.A. Rawlinson box office. All are invited to attend.

Article from PAnow

Arts Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees

St. Catherine Catholic School 

The former W.F.A. Turgeon Catholic school is now officially called St. Catherine Catholic School. Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr. officially blessed the newly named school at a ceremony held on October 3, 2018. School Principal Gisele Stalwick welcomed dignitaries that included the Director of Education, Catholic School Board members, members of city council, parents, teachers and staff and the entire student body.  Saint Catherine of Siena TOSD, was a tertiary of the Dominican Order and a Scholastic philosopher and theologian who had a great influence on the Catholic Church. She is declared a saint and a doctor of the Church. She was canonized in 1461, declared patron saint of Rome in 1866, and of Italy in 1939. In his address to the assembly, Bishop Thévenot stated that “St. Catherine started listening to and praying to Jesus at a very young age”. In the spirit of the saint, He encouraged the students to listen to Jesus’ s voice, to pray to Jesus and to listen to their parents and guardians. Listening will help the students become better members of the society. After the ceremony, a beautiful cake was served to guests and to the students.

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