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Office of Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

        Formation to the faith should encompass the different aspects of life. Faith formation should mold the intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and psychological dimensions of a human person. The formation of life is the focus of the educative process. In this life formation, there is a wide range of methods to use in faith formation, in catechizing.

         “To evangelize is teaching, to educate is evangelizing” (General Instruction to Catechesis, 147). Evangelization should aim the whole human person’s opening to the Gospel and its teachings. There is also a necessity to know the stages of human development and to adopt the educative evangelization to the needs of individuals (child, youth, adult and elderly). In turn, there are many proposals on how to accommodate specific needs of the different stages of human development. Nevertheless, pastoral sensitivity should put into consideration the following:

            (a) culture

            (b) community

            (c) aim/goal

            (d) sustainability

Culture indicates the customs and ways of the people (Canadian, Asiatic, Indigenious, Mediterranean, etc...). Community features the location of the parish as well as the age group of the community. Aim gives meaning to the activities formed and planned for the parish. Finally, sustainability means the possibility of continuing for a certain time the educative process (setting a time frame).

           Contents of the faith program should be

  1. Catholic and orthodox teachings

  2. Inspiring

  3. Based on life situations

  4. Practical (doable) and useful

  5. Oriented to holiness (personal growth in relationship with God)

  6. Oriented to the good of neighbors

           Programs should utilize supplemental materials and update practical applications. New and exciting ways should always be employed while following a framework for a faith formation program.

          In this website, there are links to faith formation resources. Please explore these websites in the Adult Faith Resources’ page and try to find ways on how to make “faith learning understanding” exciting and enjoyable!

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Adult Faith Formation


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