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2016 Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation

Dear Ecumenical Friends,

The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism is pleased to announce the 2016 session of the Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation from June 21 to 24 (Tuesday afternoon to Friday afternoon, inclusively) to be held in Saskatoon at Queen’s House of Retreats.

As you will see in the accompanying brochure, the Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation provides an excellent opportunity for learning and enrichment to those who find themselves in ecumenical ministries; those who are seeking to become ecumenical officers for their congregations or regional bodies; or those lay people and clergy who wish to learn more about ecumenical theology and practice. Participants attend three consecutive sessions—always held near the end of June each summer—and complete two assignments (after their first and second years) in order to receive a Certificate in Ecumenical Studies from St. Andrew’s College and the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism.

The cost of the event includes a tuition fee of $300.00 plus meals and, if necessary, accommodations. An average cost for meals, from Tuesday to Friday, would be $103.00. If needed, single rooms are available at Queen’s House at $50.00/night. Bursaries are available based on financial need.

We would greatly appreciate your support in advertising this program widely. Along with this letter, please visit our website for registration and other information.  

Presently we have just under 30 participants in the program. This summer will see the convocation of our first class who began in the summer of 2014! We at the Prairie Centre are delighted to build up the church for the ministry of unity, we are grateful for your support in promoting this program, and we look forward to welcoming you into the program on June 21!


Wish you all the best in your ministry!
Dr. Darren E. Dahl
Director, Prairie Centre for Ecumenism


Prairie Centre for Ecumenism
Ph: 306-653-1633
600-45 St. West
Saskatoon, SK   S7L 5W9

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