Vicar General, Rev. Maurice Fiolleau

Vicar General, Rev. Maurice Fiolleau

As Vicar General, I strive to help Bishop Thévenot in the administration of the Diocese.  I work in conjunction with the priests of our Diocese to help them in their ministry as pastors.  I am always available to parishioners, secretaries and office staff and other personnel who wish to contact me with any concerns or to share good news happening in their parish. 

  • Over the past while,…

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Chancellor, Rev. Greg Elder

Chancellor, Rev. Greg Elder

The primary role of the chancellor is to gather and safeguard official documents and archives of the diocesan curia.  This is especially true in regard to the sacramental registers, which detail the sacramental history of each parish in the diocese. 

The chancellor is also the official notary on all of the documents issued by the diocesan bishop.

Make sure all Marriage papers are filled out correctly, and proper…

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Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Michael Fahlman

Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Michael Fahlman


Gather, arrange and safeguard official documents and archives such as recorded history and sacramental registers.

Ensure all Marriage papers are filled out correctly and proper dispensations are given.

Assist the Bishop and Chancellor and Diocese where needed.



Rev. Michael Fahlman
306-922-4747 ext. 254…

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Marriage Tribunal, Tina Elliott

Marriage Tribunal, Tina Elliott

As Case Researcher and Notary for the Marriage  Tribunal Office, my job is to assist people who request to have a prior marriage declared invalid or annulled. 

People mainly choose to go through the process to be able to remarry in the Catholic Church, but often times people want to heal and move forward in their lives. 

For those who choose to go through the annulment process, my…

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