Discernment to the Permanent Diaconate

At the time of announcement, a letter was sent to all priests, administrators and parishes to explain and share the wonderful news that this program would begin, available for download below.

As announced in September 2012, a program for the Permanent Diaconate has been established in our diocese.  Several people have applied to be admitted to a process of discernment which began January 25, 2013.  They and their wives will…

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A Treasure Restored

A Treasure Restored

The permanent diaconate is one of the lesser known treasures of our Church.  Although such deacons are uncommon in 20th century Western Canada, the permanent diaconate has a long and venerable history, in our Church.

The service of deacons is well documented from the very earliest days of the Church.  In the Book of Acts, the apostles ordain seven deacons to help them in their ministry (6:16).  Writing to Timothy,…

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Why a Permanent Diaconate

Three reasons lay behind the need for permanent deacons. 

1) A desire to enrich the Church with the functions of the diaconate, which otherwise, in many regions, could only be exercised with great difficulty;

2) The intention of strengthening with the grace of diaconal ordination those who already exercised many of the functions of the Diaconate;

3) A concern to provide regions, where there was a shortage of clergy,…

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Who can become a Permanent Deacon

  • Catholic males who have been baptized and practicing the faith for at least five years
  • Between the ages of 35 and 75 by ordination
    (Please note that the age of 75 was previously marked 65, it was an error. It should have read 75.)
  • Of good moral character and reputation
  • In a valid, stable marriage, or living celibately if unmarried or widowed
  • Actively involved in their parish or in an…

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Ministries of Charity, Word and Sacrament

Ministry of Charity 
A deacon personally serves the poor, the aged, the sick, and the imprisoned, bringing the Gospel to those in need.  He preaches and practices social justice.

Ministry of Word 
Deacons proclaim the Gospel and preach at liturgical celebrations. They provide catechetical instruction, adult faith formation, and sacramental preparation.

Ministry of Sacrament 
Deacons assist priests during Mass, administer baptisms, witness marriages, preside at funerals, officiate at Benediction and lead community…

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The process of becoming a Permanent Deacon is not something that can be taken lightly.  A propaedeutic period and a three year study period have been incorporated to ensure all candidates are well informed, well prepared and well educated. 

Areas of study will include, but are not limited to: Scripture, Preaching, Catechesis, Pastoral activity, History, Fundamental theology, Dogmatic theology, Moral theology, Spirituality, Liturgy, Canon Law, Social Justice, and…

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Financial Considerations

The diocese will help with the financial costs of preparing a Permanent Deacon.  In general, the ministry of Permanent Deacons is non-stipendiary.…

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